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AGROB BUCHTAL, 18.12.2017 General
Newcomer competition for interior designers and architects
Tile Award 2017 of Agrob Buchtal: pure ceramic creativity
The Tile Award is aimed at newcomers in the field of interior design and architecture up to the age of 38 years and is a creativity competition initiated by the brand Agrob Buchtal. The main intention is to explore the creative potential of ceramic tiles experimentally. The response at the premiere in 2010 was so positive that the competition was continued in 2012 and 2014 and now has been organized already for the fourth time in 2017. more more...

AGROB BUCHTAL, 11.12.2017 General
Conveying the brand DNA
Interior design for high-tech natural cosmetics
The immemorial knowledge of the vital force of the olive tree characterizes the brand identity of Oliveda, a manufacturer of high-tech natural cosmetics. In the Flagship Store at Düsseldorf, the intention is to make this brand value perceivable. The company and the interior designer decided on natural materials, a colour concept in which the black olive as main ingredient of the products plays an important part as well as on discreet associations with a laboratory environment. Ceramic tiles full of character from the classic tunnel kiln underline this concept, because they embody originality, authenticity and materiality. more more...

AGROB BUCHTAL, 30.11.2017 General
Cecil Retail Laboratory in Oberhausen
How to dress ...
It should be possible to experience fashion with all of our senses and this is only possible in local retail outlets. This is something Cecil, one of the top five suppliers of ladies’ fashion in Germany, is firmly convinced of. In so-called Retail Laboratories, Cecil is currently testing how customers can be inspired and advised individually in times of increasing online sales. The heart piece of the store in Oberhausen is formed by the central communication desk which has been given a very special attire. more more...

AGROB BUCHTAL, 27.11.2017 General
AGROB BUCHTAL: Management restructured
After a change in the export management at the beginning of this year, the management level of AGROB BUCHTAL GmbH is also restructured in Germany and Austria. The current Sales Directors of the brand AGROB BUCHTAL for the domestic market, Ralf Juschka and Arno Schäfer, will be appointed Managing Directors of AGROB BUCHTAL GmbH with effect as of January 1, 2018. Together with their colleague Michael Staller, Managing Director responsible for the export, Juschka and Schäfer will be in charge of the business operations. On the Board of Management of the parent company Deutsche Steinzeug Cremer & Breuer AG (DSCB), Dieter Schäfer will manage the Sales and Marketing sector again and also continue to be Managing Director of AGROB BUCHTAL GmbH in dual role in order to support the Sales Managing Directors at the performance of their tasks. more more...

AGROB BUCHTAL, 20.11.2017 General
Apartment “Bazillion”:
Day and night / openness and privacy / warm and cold / light and massive

Striking contrasts skilfully staged
In the apartment “Bazillion” which was finshed 2016, YCL Studio has drawn a clear line between the day and the night program of this pied-à-terre for two, while simultaneously blurring the conventional division between the ‘wet’ and the ‘dry’ part of a dwelling. The compact apartment, which comprises 45 square metres, is essentially one open space divided into two by a tiled wall. The dwelling is located in a new residential building in the Old Town of Vilnius and has been commissioned by a frequent traveller, who uses it for short stays in the capital of Lithuania. more more...

Jasba, 03.10.2017 General
CERSAIE 2017 (2018 novelty)
Several creative trends brought together and ceramically interpreted
Series Jasba-Carpet (decorations Nelas and Mellby):
Elaborately woven “ceramic carpets“
This new creation which will be introduced into the market at the beginning of 2018 is in line with several highly topical mainstreams at the same time: the still continuing trend towards Vintage Style and soft-used-look, the rediscovery of classic patterns and decorations, the increasing interest in the plain elegance of coverings conveying a hand-crafted impression and the rough charm of cement tiles. As it is common practice at Jasba, these major aspects were not simply adopted one-to-one, but refined and ceramically interpreted. The result is two decorations full of character in the format of 20 x 20 centimetres with striking individuality and high expressiveness. more more...

Jasba, 03.10.2017 General
CERSAIE 2017 (2018 novelty)
Elevated Industrial Style
Series Jasba-Ronda:
The fascination of dignified patina
We perceive our living conditions as getting more and more complex, hectic and complicated: due to occupational stress, growing population and traffic density, medial overstimulation or mobile communication. As countermove to that, there is an ongoing trend towards slowing down, combined with the willingness to give rein to the development of things and nature. If something is ageing with dignity, one respectfully tends to speak of patina. Examples for this are metal surfaces which are slowly weathering over the years (or even decades) or the morbid charm radiated by so-called “lost places“ such as factory buildings, railway stations, warehouses etc. no longer used, when nature recaptures materials and surfaces. This “fascination of transitoriness“ was the source of inspiration for the new series Jasba-Ronda, which will be introduced into the market at the beginning of 2018. more more...

Jasba, 02.10.2017 General
CERSAIE 2017 (2018 novelty)
Mediterranean attitude to life and pattern mix ceramically interpreted
Series Jasba-Pattern (decoration Salina):
Variety in harmony
The series Jasba-Pattern (decorations Vola and Mesh) was presented for the first time at the CERSAIE 2016. The extremely positive response showed that the stylistic devices used of patterns, decorations, symbols and ornaments still are in line with the current trend and the pattern mix resulting from that with its optimistic and cheerful look affects people emotionally. That is why another variant has been created now, which will be introduced into the market at the beginning of 2018. The source of inspiration and eponym for the new version Salina was the colourful pottery and ceramic art of the Liparic Islands in front of the north coast of Sicily in the Tyrrhenian Sea (Salina is one of a total of seven isles of this group of islands). more more...

AGROB BUCHTAL, 02.10.2017 General
CERSAIE 2017 (2018 novelty)
Modular format system of porcelain stoneware tiles
Series Nova of Agrob Buchtal:
Universal series for sophisticated format and colour concepts
With ceramic tiles convincing thanks to high quality and aesthetics, Agrob Buchtal offers architects immense design scope. Consistent systematic thinking and a variety of formats and colours guarantee coherent solutions in diverse areas of application. The most recent example for this is the collection Nova, which will be available from the beginning of 2018 and has been developed as modular format system. The series stands out due to its application versatility, but at the same time permits individual solutions thanks to exactly matched components that can be combined. more more...

AGROB BUCHTAL, 02.10.2017 General
CERSAIE 2017 (2018 novelty)
Sophisticated used look
Lasa Cemento of Agrob Buchtal:
A homage to the creative power of nature
“Nature does not have to make great efforts to be important. It simply is.“ This is what the Swiss author Robert Walser once wrote. Nature not only provides intelligent ideas with regard to technical problem solutions, but always was, is and will be a significant source of inspiration also at the product design. This also applies to the new creation Lasa Cemento of Agrob Buchtal, which will be introduced into the market at the beginning of 2018. The natural model was the well-known and particularly white marble from Laas (South Tyrol), whose aesthetic qualities are demonstrated by monuments and sculptures all over the world. more more...