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Appointment of a lawyer of confidence improves transparency ... ...

1. Objective
By the appointment of a lawyer of confidence Deutsche Steinzeug Cremer & Breuer AG and its subsidiary companies contribute to the prevention of potential corruption. This appointment applies to Deutsche Steinzeug Cremer & Breuer AG, AGROB BUCHTAL GmbH, Jasba Mosaik GmbH, Deutsche Steinzeug Immobilien GmbH & Co. KG, Deutsche Steinzeug France S.à.r.l., Deutsche Steinzeug Schweiz AG – jointly herein after called Deutsche Steinzeug.

A frank approach to potential corruption may be difficult to deal with for employees as well as for business partners of Deutsche Steinzeug. Persons who know of potential corruption in the company may be kept away from reporting or even charging the facts due to objections that may arouse from personal or business disadvantages.

By the appointment of a lawyer of confidence employees, business partners as well as other stakeholders shall be enabled to contribute to an investigation concerning potential corruption or even personally getting out of corruption and – should the occasion arise – not having to reveal their identity at the same time. Revealing the identity may become necessary in some very specific circumstances.
2. Duties of the lawyer of confidence
The lawyer of confidence accepts information from employees or business partners of Deutsche Steinzeug with the due discretion. These notifications may contain the suspicion of corruption or other serious offenses against Deutsche Steinzeug. His goal is to resolve corruption and to call the involved persons to account. The notifications are subject to the professional discretion of the lawyer of confidence. Nevertheless, he has to accept and record the given information. If the given information should contain a reasonable suspicion against employees, business partners or other stakeholders of Deutsche Steinzeug, the lawyer of confidence has to report the information to a committee in order to achieve further clarification of facts. This committee shall be nominated by Deutsche Steinzeug. If desired by the committee, the lawyer of confidence has to remain in touch with the informant, pursue additional investigation or give further reports.
3. Legal Status of the lawyer of confidence
The lawyer of confidence acts as an independent and autonomous attorney and is not subject to instructions of Deutsche Steinzeug, neither in legal nor in content respects. He decides on his own discretion whether and to what extent the given information shall be reported to the committee. If the lawyer has assured the informant of his confidentiality, he is not allowed to reveal his or her name and identity to Deutsche Steinzeug or any other third party.
4. Contact details

In order to get in touch with our lawyer of confidence, please use the following contact details:

Rechtsanwalt Gazi Alatas
Ebertplatz 9
50688 Cologne
Phone:     + 49 (0)221 – 99 120 100
Fax:           + 49 (0)221 – 99 120 109

The lawyer of confidence may be contacted in German, English and Turkish language.

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