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Bau 2017
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pavilion A6 / stand no. 500
hall plan
The BAU is by far the most important major trade fair of the building industry. For DEUTSCHE STEINZEUG, this forum is a fixed item in the calendar of events because of the high quality and quantity of the expert visitors. In 2011 again, the biggest domestic manufacturer of ceramic tiles will show a quintessence of its extensive portfolio.
Stringent stand concept
This achievement potential is also reflected by the stand covering an area of almost 600 m2: with its open, clear and stringent structure, it provides the stage for the presentation of the two brands AGROB BUCHTAL and JASBA. The stand concept is self-assured without having an isolating effect, and rhythmically recurring open areas at the long sides are inviting the visitors to come inside. In the interior of the stand, “product worlds“ and booths show a cross-section through the wide range of AGROB BUCHTAL, which covers all fields of application of ceramic tiles. An intentional contrast to that are the four spatial representations (“Cubes“) of the brand JASBA, which create an ambience full of atmosphere. The linking element between the two brand areas is a central corridor extending under the mighty connecting “bar” covering the stand in longitudinal direction. At the rear face side, there are conference and functional rooms as well as a catering zone - an ideal place for the more personal communication.
10 years of Hydrotect coating
Not far away from there, the focus is on a highly topical subject: (building) products or surfaces with special characteristics have mushroomed in the last years. Whether car polish, washing-up liquids or cosmetics: there are promising advertising campaigns for many articles using key words such as Lotus effect, nanotechnology or self-cleaning. This increase in the number of products offered also applies to the building sector: meanwhile, roof tiles, shower partitions, window glass, sandwich-type plaster boards, venetian blinds, ceramic tiles, plasters, sanitary ceramics, curtains, wall paints and even safe deposit boxes with special surfaces are available.

Within this wealth of products, one solution stands out in several respects: the HYDROTECT coating for ceramic tiles, which celebrates the 10th anniversary of its market launch. Therefore, HYDROTECT can be called a pioneer in this field with complete justification.
This historical moment is the reason for dedicating a special area of the stand to the coating at this year’s BAU. A visible sign for this in the true sense of the word is the new “key visual“ which due to its striking form and size draws attention to it: a huge tree as symbol for nature and the environment-friendly effects of HYDROTECT. The tree intentionally does not have the realistic green colour, because meanwhile the use of such representations has become almost inflationary. Instead of that, an eye-catching metaphor in elegant silhouette style was chosen at which the sun as symbol for light (which effects the photocatalysis…) shines through the filigree branches. The same symbolism is also to be found in the fair give-away: a small pot with acacia seeds will remind the visitors of this subject a long time after the fair by the growing and developing of the life coming up from it. Apart from this, a new HYDROTECT film and also a newly created animation - showing the advantages of the coating in a refreshing, unconventional, pleasant, humorous and informative manner - can be watched. In addition to that, live presentations give the visitors the opportunity of getting an impression with their own eyes.
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DEUTSCHE STEINZEUG CREMER & BREUER AG / pavilion A6 / stand no. 500:
The stand in the size of almost 600 m2 provides the stage for the two brands (AGROB BUCHTAL and JASBA) of DEUTSCHE STEINZEUG AG. With its clear and stringent concept, it is inviting the visitors to come inside. Under the mighty connecting “bar” covering the stand in longitudinal direction, there is the central corridor (see motif 2).