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AGROB BUCHTAL, 24.01.2019 General
BAU 2019: General summary
Architectural and residential ceramics in inspiring diversity
In 2019 again, Agrob Buchtal used the internationally leading BAU trade fair for the dialogue with the relevant professional target groups including planners, craftsmen and dealers. In the usual place (pavilion A4 / stand 500) the company presented up-to-date solutions in the building ceramics sector for public and private areas. more more...

AGROB BUCHTAL, 24.01.2019 General
BAU 2019: case study DryTile
DryTile revolutionizes the laying of ceramic floor tiles
Dornseifers Frischemarkt at Much: Time not only means money ...
The buying of food is a sensuous, haptic experience at which the checking of the consistency of fruit, vegetables, meat or fish and impulse buys play an important part. In this connection, of course the products offered are essential, but also the environment in which they are presented. The floor covering is of particular importance: functionally because everything happens on it, and visually because it has a decisive influence on the overall impression. So far, its renewal has required great technical efforts and a lot of time. Now there is a solution which avoids these disadvantages and opens up new potentials: DryTile floor tiles of Agrob Buchtal. A convincing example for this is Dornseifers Frischemarkt (food product market) at Much/Germany. There, approximately 2,000 square metres of new tiles were laid in only four (!) working days in the autumn of 2018. more more...

AGROB BUCHTAL, 24.01.2019 General
BAU 2019: case study facades
London: New White City Campus of Imperial College
Prefabricated high-class facade elements made in Germany
Prefabrication is and always has been a key issue in construction on account of the advantages associated with it: components can be manufactured under ideal conditions independent of weather and then mounted or assembled efficiently so as to save time and money. For example this way, it is now possible to mount prefabricated houses within a single day. Prefabricated elements also play a key role in the safety-relevant area of facades. Apart from the goal of saving time and money as referred to above, there is yet another advantage in densely-populated cities: in many cases, there simply is not enough space to store semi-finished products on construction sites in terms of safety and logistics. A perfect example of where these aspects applied was realized in London in 2018 and involved competent collaboration by the renowned German companies Lindner Fassaden GmbH (Arnstorf) and Agrob Buchtal GmbH (Schwarzenfeld). more more...

AGROB BUCHTAL, 24.01.2019 General
BAU 2019 (cube “Retail”) / novelty 2018
Industrial Style reinterpreted
District: faceted* tiles of Agrob Buchtal
The collection District was inspired by the typical tile claddings of the Metro stations in big cities such as Paris or London. The special features of this so-called “Metro tile” are glossy glazes and bevelled edges on all sides in order to create reflections in this way, which improved the poor lighting conditions in most of the underground stations at that time. This filigree and yet distinctive type of tiles has always been and still is very popular among Industrial Style enthusiasts. Agrob Buchtal now interprets this subject in a contemporary manner with modern formats and colours. The new wall tile series has been developed for expressive wall designs in public areas. Its characteristics: clear, rectangular and faceted*. more more...

AGROB BUCHTAL, 24.01.2019 General
BAU 2019 (cube “Residential”) / novelty 2019
The diversity of Africa
Series Kiano: distinctive natural design
Inspired by the diversity of Africa, the new ceramic tile series Kiano is based on a fascinating interplay of calmer elements and extraordinary decorations. The distinctive natural design consisting of a mixture of stone and cement stands for naturalness and craftsmanship, but also for sensuousness. An extremely versatile collection of Agrob Buchtal, which provides immense creative scope for individuality and authentic designs in all private living areas. more more...

AGROB BUCHTAL, 24.01.2019 General
Enlargement of the series Modern White
New decorative element Botanic picks up urban jungle living trend
At the beginning of 2018, Agrob Buchtal successfully launched the collection Modern White. It offers the possibility of combining noble pearl-white tiles with matching decorative ceramic elements and thus permits to design walls in living areas harmoniously and full of inspiration. The new full-surface decorative element Botanic now enriches the range and picks up the urban jungle living trend. The design is fresh and vivid, but at the same time also reflects the calming, natural effect of exotic motifs. more more...

AGROB BUCHTAL, 24.01.2019 General
BAU 2019 (cube “Hospitality”) / novelty 2018
Modular format system of porcelain stoneware tiles
Series Nova: Universal series for sophisticated room concepts
With ceramic tiles convincing thanks to high quality and aesthetics, Agrob Buchtal offers architects immense design scope. Consistent systematic thinking and a variety of formats and colours guarantee coherent solutions in diverse areas of application. The most recent example for this is the collection Nova, which will be available from the beginning of 2018 and has been developed as modular format system. The series stands out due to its application versatility, but at the same time permits individual solutions thanks to exactly matched components that can be combined. more more...

AGROB BUCHTAL, 24.01.2019 General
BAU 2019 (cube “Residential”) / novelty 2019
Timeless look in large format
Toblin: Individual “living worlds” with modern elegance
The new ceramic floor tile series Toblin of Agrob Buchtal was inspired by the varied surface textures of the Tuscan marble Grigio Crux. Combined with the signs of alabaster, which are discreetly reflected in the marble look, a soft ceramic interpretation of the natural stone has been created. New square large formats support the design language and effect a superior, timeless look. more more...

AGROB BUCHTAL, 24.01.2019 General
BAU 2019 (cube “Hospitality”) / Novelty 2019
Modern versatility
Vivara by Agrob Buchtal: pragmatic, practical, aesthetic!
The topic of non-slip safety and slip-resistance may sound rather rational and humourless. The fact that this need not be the case is proven by the new series Vivara by Agrob Buchtal. In this collection, functional aspects such as slip-resistance are packaged attractively in the form of a modern rustic air which embodies a pleasant balance between calm and distinctive. more more...

AGROB BUCHTAL, 24.01.2019 General
BAU 2019 (cube “Residential”) / Novelty 2018
System Surf:
Intelligent interior design for sanitary areas and bathrooms
Interior design is based on the skilful dialogue of the materials used and the harmonious combination of individual components within a conclusive overall concept. This also and especially applies to sanitary areas and bathrooms in which diverse components are to be found: fittings, washbasins, bathtubs, shower tubs, mirrors, accessories, wall and floor coverings, lighting, windows, doors, radiators, electrical wall outlets, light switches, furniture... Without a “master plan”, it may happen that every single part in itself seems to be the right choice, but is not really convincing within the overall concept. A proven method for avoiding this crux is the use of components matched to each other, which at the same time offer individual scope for choosing the variation corresponding to the personal taste. more more...