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AGROB BUCHTAL, 25.10.2018 General
AGROB BUCHTAL: Preview of BAU 2019, Munich
Competence in an aesthetic form
In 2019 again, Agrob Buchtal uses the internationally leading BAU trade fair for the dialogue with the relevant professional target groups including planners, craftsmen and dealers. In the usual place in pavilion A4 (stand no. 500) , the company presents up-to-date solutions in the building ceramics sector for public and private areas at a 340 m² large stand. more more...

Jasba, 24.09.2018 General
CERSAIE 2018 (novelty 2019) / Modern naturalness
Jasba: successful collection Pattern further enlarged
Due to the very positive market response, Jasba enlarges its collection Pattern again after only one year. The principal theme of the successful series, the renaissance of naturalness, is skilfully ceramically interpreted this time as well: new decorative variants as well as a mono-coloured tile convey plain elegance together with excellent craftsmanship. The result is an ensemble permitting varied combinations for the extraordinary design of indoor and outdoor surfaces in all private areas. more more...

Jasba, 24.09.2018 General
2019 novelty / Modern romanticism
Jasba Floris: Inspiring colours with floral and geometric elements
With the new mosaic collection Floris, Jasba proves that ceramic tiles open up new stylistic scope again and again. An inspiring colouring, filigree floral patterns as well as a glossy relief look will radiate modern charm and create a special feel-good ambience in the own four walls as of 2019. more more...

AGROB BUCHTAL, 24.09.2018 General
CERSAIE 2018 (novelty 2018)
Surf: Intelligent interior design for sanitary areas and bathrooms
Interior design is based on the skilful dialogue of the materials used and the harmonious combination of individual components within a conclusive overall concept. This also and especially applies to sanitary areas and bathrooms in which diverse components are to be found: fittings, washbasins, bathtubs, shower tubs, mirrors, accessories, wall and floor coverings, lighting, windows, doors, radiators, electrical wall outlets, light switches, furniture... Without a “master plan”, it may happen that every single part in itself seems to be the right choice, but is not really convincing within the overall concept. A proven method for avoiding this crux is the use of components matched to each other, which at the same time offer individual scope for choosing the variation corresponding to the personal taste. more more...

AGROB BUCHTAL, 24.09.2018 General
CERSAIE 2018 (novelty 2019) / Modern versatility
Vivara by Agrob Buchtal: pragmatic, practical, aesthetic!
The topic of non-slip safety and slip-resistance may sound rather rational and humourless. The fact that this need not be the case is proven by the new series Vivara by Agrob Buchtal. In this collection, functional aspects such as slip-resistance are packaged attractively in the form of a modern rustic air which embodies a pleasant balance between calm and distinctive. more more...

AGROB BUCHTAL, 24.09.2018 General
CERSAIE 2018 (novelty 2019) / The diversity of Africa
Kiano of Agrob Buchtal: distinctive natural design
Inspired by the diversity of Africa, the new ceramic tile series Kiano is based on a fascinating interplay of calmer elements and extraordinary decorations. The distinctive natural design consisting of a mixture of stone and cement stands for naturalness and craftsmanship, but also for sensuousness. An extremely versatile collection of Agrob Buchtal, which provides immense creative scope for individuality and authentic designs in all private living areas. more more...

AGROB BUCHTAL, 18.07.2018 General
Tropical skyscraper teaming with life, abundant water, air and light
Oasia Hotel, Singapore: upbeat sustainability with style
Singapore is a densely populated city-state, in which land is scarce. This makes space-saving, high-rise buildings a bare necessity. New standards in the sea of buildings in Singapore’s central business district are set by the Oasia Hotel, hailing from the hotel group of the same name and which was completed in 2016. In contrast to conventional high-rise towers, which are hermetically sealed and air-conditioned, this building, designed by the local WOHA office, impressively combines nature and architecture, both inside and out. The various pools adorning the building also reflect these high standards. As a part of the whole design concept they have been fashioned by the Spanish architect and designer Patricia Urquiola, who lives in Milan and operates her internationally renowned studio there. more more...

AGROB BUCHTAL, 21.06.2018 General
Innovative method offers new potentials for specialized craftsmen and dealers
DryTile revolutionizes the laying of ceramic floor tiles
Time is a very valuable resource - also and especially in the building industry. That is why one has been thinking about the possibility of combining the excellent properties of ceramic tiles with other advantages such as time saving or simple removal again and again. An innovation of this type is DryTile of AGROB BUCHTAL: as the name already implies, the laying is carried out “dry“ without tile adhesive. The system permits an up to 8 times faster laying (basic information: see box on the last page). DryTile is not intended to replace the conventional laying, but to complement it and to open up new areas of application in which ceramic tiles not necessarily have been an option for the decision-makers until now. This offers new potentials for open-minded specialized craftsmen and dealers. more more...

AGROB BUCHTAL, 05.06.2018 General
International Creativity Competition for Ceramic Tiles
2017 Tile Award from Agrob Buchtal: Form Follows Fun
The TILE AWARD is aimed at young (interior) architects and is a creativity competition organised by the architectural ceramics specialist AGROB BUCHTAL. The main focus of this competition is to make the most of the possible designs of ceramic tiles through experimentation. The feedback from the première in 2010 was so tremendous that the competition was continued in 2012 and 2014 and was held for the fourth time in 2017. The winners were crowned during the first half of 2018 and their designs built and photographed in their original size. more more...

AGROB BUCHTAL, 15.05.2018 General
Jaeggi Architekten: enhancing and refining existing room qualities
Successful combination of existing and new wellness area in Swiss 4-star Superior Hotel
The Eden Spiez, a hotel rich in tradition which had been established already in 1903, was re-opened in 2006 after complete reconstruction. In 2010, a conference centre with parking garage was added, and by the end of 2017, it was transformed into a “Wellness and Enjoyment Hotel”. The basis for this was a comprehensive interior design concept developed by Jaeggi Architekten for a combination of the existing wellness area (inclusive of the panorama indoor swimming pool) with the new facilities. For this, the plans of the office J. Höhn + Partner from Thun provided a two-storey extension adjoining the existing indoor swimming pool. more more...