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AGROB BUCHTAL, 19.10.2010 Specialist press
CERSAIE 2010 trade fair
Special products demand a special presentation…

Fairs primarily serve for getting a general up-to-date overview and for gaining new impressions and inspirations. Due to the great number of presentations, however, this may very soon lead to an overstimulation. This also and above all applies to the CERSAIE at which more than 1000 exhibitors from over 30 countries are trying to attract the visitors’ attention.

That is why AGROB BUCHTAL decided in favour of a completely new concept for this year‘s presentation of the 2011 novelties in order to stand out from the bulk of the exhibitors. In co-operation with the renowned publication AIT, the TILE AWARD had been organized in the 2nd quarter of 2010. This creative competition of ideas was aimed at architects and interior designers under the age of 35 years, thus addressing only young and highly motivated creative minds. In the scope of this competition, unconventional and spectacular interiors with tiles as material were to be designed. In total, more than 50 contributions from all over Europe had been submitted. From the great number of qualified submissions, an expert jury selected the winners. They were then invited to a workshop at Marrakesch (Morocco) in summer of this year at which the contents were explained, discussed and further refined.

The outcome of this work then served as draft for the shootings of the novelties at the photographic studio. The corresponding results will be shown in the ”2011 Novelties” brochure which will be available at the time of the BAU fair (17.- 22. January at Munich). In addition, two participants were given the task of creating settings for the CERSAIE 2010 which explicitly take into account the matters important for the fair, which were mentioned at the beginning. For realizing this, two masterminds from Portugal and Hungary were selected:

Albuquerque Goinhas from the office EMBAIXADA arquitectura (Lisbon/Portugal) dedicated himself to the new series INSIDE-OUT. The abstracted representation of a kitchen with completely tiled 3D elements artfully nested into each other was the subject of animated discussions at which above all the special look and the unusual stylistic elements were praised. Although it was actually prohibited to take photos at this fair, several enthusiastic visitors secretly took out their (mobile phone) camera to take a photo of the spectacular result.

The draft of Ákos Schreck from the Studio MINUSPLUS (Budapest/Hungary) was more restrained at first glance but attracting similarly great attention. According to his concept, the new parts of the successful series XENO were presented in a subtle and intentionally minimalist way: various vertically arranged rectangular formats entered in an attractive dialogue with each other and provided the ideal setting for the new decoration elements integrated in a well-dosed manner. In this way, an imaginary landscape of dreams was created, which sensitively addressed the human subconscious.

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Description of the concept drafter Albuquerque Goinhas (EMBAIXADA arquitectura, Lisbon,

“Carved space
The installation consists of a space, a kitchen, which strongly takes into consideration its placement at the fair and its connections with the public circuit. The space is generated by the changes implemented into the usual tile coating, stretching its technical limits. Here, 12 vertical layers of tiles were implemented. Each one of these layers worked as autonomous entity, extruding themselves from the wall. The interaction and juxtaposition of all these layers create the basic volumetric essence of the kitchen equipment such as the balcony or the shelves and at the very same time assume a poetic liberty for the void. The aim for the project is to generate a very complex and three-dimensional piece inside a very small designed area, generating a very dense spatial experience. Like a carved space, like a cave, an artificial nature.”
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Enlargement of XENO (2011 novelty):
This versatile series has been on the market since 2007. Due to the extremely positive response, the present range (floor tiles in five colours and eight formats) is now being further enlarged by corresponding wall tiles and the stylish decoration elements KATO, MODUS and PRISMA.
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* Intentions of the concept drafter Ákos Schreck (Office MINUSPLUS, Budapest / Hungary,

“Mirror well
The concept is to create a diverse space fantasy, joining the present to a perfect past and future at the same time. Sensory experiences play an important part in this space: the gentle sound of the water, the natural touch of the bamboos, the feeling of the tiles, the infinite space of the mirrors and the trompe l’oeil of perspective. This ensemble brings to life a different world. A relaxing and yet interesting getaway from the present, distancing and emphasizing the moment at the same time. An imaginary landscape of dreams and the subconscious world within.”

All pictures: AGROB BUCHTAL
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