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AGROB BUCHTAL, 02.10.2017 General
CERSAIE 2017 (2018 novelty)
Sophisticated used look
Lasa Cemento of Agrob Buchtal:
A homage to the creative power of nature

“Nature does not have to make great efforts to be important. It simply is.“ This is what the Swiss author Robert Walser once wrote. Nature not only provides intelligent ideas with regard to technical problem solutions, but always was, is and will be a significant source of inspiration also at the product design. This also applies to the new creation Lasa Cemento of Agrob Buchtal, which will be introduced into the market at the beginning of 2018. The natural model was the well-known and particularly white marble from Laas (South Tyrol), whose aesthetic qualities are demonstrated by monuments and sculptures all over the world.

This special marble has been quarried for more than hundred years at the “Laas Jennwandstock” (South Tyrol) and transported down to the valley. Its age is estimated to be approximately 400 million years. In the course of this time, limestone has solidified and become this pure white natural stone. Especially in the neoclassical epoch, the marble from Laas was fascinating many architects and artists, and big cities like Vienna, Munich or Berlin benefit from that still today.

Casual used look
Lasa Cemento of Agrob Buchtal is a homage to the creative power of nature. Thanks to sophisticated digital printing as well as particularly elaborate glazes, a new tile series has been created which combines and ceramically interprets the design elements of marble and cement with the expressiveness of hand-crafted fillings. The result is a casual used look which becomes apparent especially in the case of the decorative oblong formats and is underlined by wall tiles reflecting the fine veinings and colour nuances of the marble.

The creation manufactured from earthenware has been developed as wall series and offers numerous possibilities for impressive room designs: tiles in the formats of 30x60 and 35x100 centimetres (both in soft white decorated, matt or glossy) form the basis, which can be attractively accentuated with the expressive decorative oblong formats of 11.6x100 and 8.45x33 centimetres in Cement Marble. In combination with the porcelain stoneware series Alcina recommended for the floor, Lasa Cemento is an inspiring source for ambitious solutions not only in private indoor areas such as the bathroom and the kitchen, but also in hotel bathrooms, sanitary rooms, foyers and other representative applications.

The carefully selected wall tile formats also play an important part: on the one hand, the still very popular format of 30x60 centimetres with which a stylish ambience can be created especially in small rooms; on the other hand, the innovative format of 35x100 centimetres with an edge which is slightly rounded and exactly ground to size subsequently. This special detail finish permits a laying with uniform narrow joints and underlines the noble character of this representative format. A typical application at which these aspects are particularly advantageous is, for example, wall coverings in showers: laid horizontally, only one tile per row is necessary thanks to side lengths of up to 100 centimetres, so that there are only a few joints which, on top of that, look extremely discreet.

The new collection Lasa Cemento is provided with the HT (“Hydrophilic Tiles“) coating already ex factory. This innovative solution is based on the effect of light and lends ceramic tiles revolutionary characteristics: they are extremely easy to clean, have an antibacterial effect without using chemical products and eliminate unwelcome odours as well as air pollutants. Thus, HT saves time and money and contributes to environmental protection thanks to the considerably reduced use of cleaning agents and disinfectants.

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Attractive textures and visual details characterize the new wall tile series Lasa Cemento of Agrob Buchtal. On the one hand, it is reminiscent of the filigree characteristics of the well-known and particularly white marble from Laas (South Tyrol), but on the other hand it combines these effects with the typical look of cement as well as hand-crafted fillings. The result of this interesting mixture is a modern ceramic composition at which decorative oblong formats (see front wall) set special accents.

Picture source: AGROB BUCHTAL GmbH
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