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AGROB BUCHTAL, 18.04.2018 General
DOMOTEX trade fair (January 12-15, 2018), Hannover / Germany
Innovative installation method opens up new potentials

DryTile revolutionises the installation of ceramic tiles

Time is a very valuable resource – in life in general but also in construction. Which is why there are regular considerations as to how the outstanding characteristics displayed by ceramic tiles can be combined with additional advantages such as savings in time or easy reversibility. The latest such innovation is DryTile by AGROB BUCHTAL. As the name implies, it entails “dry” installation without tile adhesive. The system permits installation which is up to 8 times faster than traditional methods and opens up numerous technical advantages, whereby the final result is just as aesthetically pleasing as a “normal” ceramic floor covering.

This is made possible by a special construction principle: the high-quality ceramic tiles feature a 2.5 mm cork layer sintered* onto the back which is wider than the actual tile so as to realise an exact and elegant slim joint when two tiles are aligned. This gap is then filled with a special joint sealer developed specifically for this system and that’s all there is to it: after a mere 6 hours, the tile can be walked on and after 24 hours full load-bearing capacity is achieved. And replacement or reversal is equally simple: cut open the joint, remove the tile with a suction lifter and rearrange or use elsewhere.

The system has been tested extensively in practice in the form of various national and international projects and has been continuously refined and optimised. On-site conditions and technical features such as construction approval inspection, emissions and fire performance, impact sound or disposal are summarised in a special publication which was available at AGROB BUCHTAL’s Domotex stand (Hall 9 / F15) where the advantages outlined above have been demonstrated live and which are of particular benefit when things need to happen fast. Predestined areas of application include retail outlets, car showrooms, offices, hotels, museums, commercial buildings, schools, restaurants, furniture stores or any type of promotion area.

DryTile is available in a 30 x 60 cm format in 5 series and a total of 20 colours as well as in a 60 x 60 cm format in one series and 3 colours. The special joint sealer referred to above is available in 4 different shades, whereby special solutions are also possible on request. This variety of design opens up a wealth of creative and individual possibilities for enhancing both the function and aesthetics.

*Permanent connection under pressure and/or heat, whereby temperatures stay below melting point to prevent undesirable deformation while retaining a homogeneous workpiece.

Werner Ziegelmeier (Head of Public Relations)
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Photo sources (all motifs): AGROB BUCHTAL GmbH

Motif 1

Innovative DryTile ceramic tiles by AGROB BUCHTAL are indicated by this distinctive logo and slogan.
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Motif 2

DryTile by AGROB BUCHTAL is ingeniously simple: High-quality ceramic floor tiles feature a cork layer sintered onto the back which extends around the tile to create an exact and elegant slim joint when aligned which is then simply filled with the specially-developed system joint sealer.
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Motif 3
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Motif 4

DryTile permits installation which is up to 8 times faster than traditional methods. The result is distinguished by its quality look and numerous technical advantages.
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Motif 5

Grouting with the special joint sealer: not using the washing method across the entire surface but rather specific application using a “rubber jointing board”
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