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AGROB BUCHTAL, 01.08.2019 General
Relaxing in and with nature
Deep-Forest-Spa of 5-star Relais & Châteaux Hotel Jagdhof Glashütte

The "Jagdhof Glashütte", one of the most beautiful country hotels in Germany, is situated in the middle of the most densely wooded area of Germany, the idyllic Rothaar Mountains. As the icing on the cake, a new Deep-Forest-Spa area was to complement the five-star, nature-inspired feel-good concept. The interior design office Bachhuber Geissinger, in cooperation with the architectural ceramics specialist Agrob Buchtal, accepted the challenge of the conversion. They renovated the outdated swimming pool and sauna area and used selected materials to create a relaxation area which interprets the "Jagdhof" theme in a modern way and at the same time integrates the tried and tested.

Far away from the hectic pace of everyday life, embedded in the idyllic Wittgensteiner Bergland, not far from the small town of Bad Laasphe, you will find a jewel of peace and relaxation: the traditional Hotel Jagdhof Glashütte. In the forest and hunting grounds of the Prince Sayn-Wittgenstein, the guests are offered romance, exquisite meals and pure nature. The privately run luxury hotel belongs to the renowned Relais-Châteaux-Hotels association, which distinguishes itself by a high level of service, an exceptional cuisine and a special concept of hospitality. As a talent factory, the hotel's own restaurant has already prepared the way for nine star chefs.

Formerly a carter's pub, then an inn and country hotel, the Jagdhof Glashütte celebrates its 35th anniversary in 2019. The traditional and at the same time refreshingly unpretentious hotel presents itself as a paradise in nature offering its guests every imaginable luxury without wanting to be luxurious. The themes of game, nature and forest run through the entire house: from the furnishing of the public rooms and guest rooms to the culinary delights and the slogan "The Jagdhof - the place where nature lives" and on to the recently redesigned Deep-Forest wellness area.

Generous, bright atmosphere
As already with the preceding renovations, the owner couple Dornhöfer assigned this task to Gaby Bachhuber-Geissinger - a well-known interior designer with planning office of the same name in Bad Birnbach and pronounced experience in the hotel sector. In order to be able to create a generous, bright atmosphere and to extend the reclining areas, she decided to "clean up" the previous swimming pool and sauna area as regards planning first of all. Thus the existing grottos and sauna were demolished and the space around the swimming pool enlarged. The new saunas and treatment rooms were relocated to adjoining areas and now form a thematic unit with the new fitness area.

Preserving the tried and tested and continuing in a modern interpretation
The generous interior design already reveals itself to the guest at the entrance where a glass door gives a first glimpse into the spa area. The large rock face is a particular eye-catcher. It was part of the previous complex and should be preserved at the owner's express request. The interior designer adopted the natural, archaic look of this rock face and transferred it in an abstract form to the entire complex, but especially also to the swimming pool itself, using high-quality ceramic tiles of the Quarzit series. The sales representative of the manufacturer Agrob Buchtal, who advised not only with regard to the design possibilities, but also the functional aspects such as, for example, the different slip resistencves, provided valuable support here. The result is impressive, because it is unusual for a hotel swimming pool that a tile format deviating from the standard (here: 25x50 centimetres) is used and at the same time functional requirements such as the slip-resistance classification R11/B are realized so aesthetically.

High-tech for individuality
It also was the sales representative who brought a very special service of Agrob Buchtal into play: the in-house planning department. With the help of this team of specialists, the wish of the owner couple could be fulfilled and the logo of the hotel could be incorporated into the floor of the swimming pool. For this, the experts of Agrob Buchtal worked out the technical basics for the following exact cutting of the individual tile elements by water jet technology with millimetre precision. Despite the complexity, the laying of the resulting filigree logo was child's play, as Agrob Buchtal supplied a self-explanatory plan at the same time.

Strong character tile series as an architectural link
With the Quarzit series, Agrob Buchtal has succeeded in combining an expressive look with the advantages of ceramics. Discreetly integrated gloss and mica particles underline this natural elegance and lend the tile visual depth and an unmistakable character. Thanks to the wide range of colours, formats and slip resistances, Quarzit is suitable for both public and residential areas - an advantage which was creatively brought to bear at the Jagdhof Glashütte. For example, the fireplace visible from both sides, which also serves as a room divider to the reclining area, was also designed with tiles from the Quarzit series. They can also be found on the floor and the entire staircase, thus acting as an architectural link. Another special eye-catcher is the shelving system also designed with these tiles, which not only integrates itself conclusively, but is also extremely easy to clean and robust.

The spa bathrooms, in which different massages are offered or one can also simply take a bath in a wooden tub, enhance relaxation and letting go. This effect is supported by well-dosed light scenarios, quiet music and typical Jagdhof accessories. On the floor, the tiles of the Quarzit series in the representative format of 60x60 centimetres are convincing.

The new Deep-Forest-Spa area was very well received by the many regular guests right from the start. The motto "Back to nature - but with style" also proved its worth at this renovation, as the feedback from one guest confirms: "The Jagdhof has remained true to its consistent idea. No wellness hocus-pocus, just relaxing in and with nature".

Good to know:
The series Quarzit of Agrob Buchtal is available

   –  in the colours basalt grey, quartz grey, sand beige, sepia brown and white grey,
   –  in the sizes 25x25, 25x50 and 30x60 cm with slip resistance R10/A and R11/B,
   –  additionally as 60x60 cm format with slip resistance R10/A.
   –  Matching skirtings in two different lengths round off the range.

The series is already prvoieded with the Hytect coating ex works. This innovative solution is based on the effect of light and gives ceramic tiles revolutionary properties: they are extremely easy to clean, have an antibacterial effect without using chemical products and eliminate unwelcome odours and air pollutants. Hytect thus saves time and money and protects the environment by significantly reducing the use of cleaning agents and disinfectants.

Werner Ziegelmeier (Head of Public Relations)
Phone: +49 (0)9435 391-3379
Mobile: +49 (0)160 90527159
Fax: +49 (0)9435 391-303379

Motif 1 (Source: Agrob Buchtal GmbH)

The photo shows the pool area of the country hotel Jagdhof Glashütte before renovation. The new Deep-Forest-Spa, on the other hand, reflects the style of the house in a contemporary form and makes consistent reference to the surrounding forests and the romantic country life.

View... Download... Image as 72dpi-RGB-JPG (388 Kb)

Motif 2 (Source: Agrob Buchtal GmbH)

The 5-star hotel Jagdhof Glashütte is idyllically situated in the Wittgensteiner Bergland. The guests will find there a fine country style – exalted, but not too extravagant. The logo of the house is a stylized stag. It can be found throughout the house - for example on the floor of the newly designed swimming pool. Here in the picture it adorns the courtyard of the property as a bronze sculpture.

View... Download... Image as 72dpi-RGB-JPG (1204 Kb)

Motif 3 (Source: Agrob Buchtal GmbH)

The swimming pool is the hub in the newly designed Deep-Forest-Spa. The ceramic tiles of the Quarzit series of Agrob Buchtal skilfully continue the archaic look of the exposed rock face. The stylized stag's antlers were cut to the millimetre from ceramic tiles using the water jet technique. Special solutions are the raised pool edge as well as the perforated ceramic designer grating in the foreground.

View... Download... Image as 72dpi-RGB-JPG (442 Kb)

Motif 4 (Source: Agrob Buchtal GmbH)

The swimming pool intentionally is not cladded with classic blue but with white grey tiles of the Quarzit series in the elegant format of 25 x 50 centimetres. They are inviting and vital. The sauna and relaxation area is located behind the room divider at the front of the pool.

View... Download... Image as 72dpi-RGB-JPG (510 Kb)

Motif 5 (Source: Agrob Buchtal GmbH)

Care in detail: the tiler cut matching strips from the Quarzit series, which nestle elegantly around the raised pool edge. To be seen here again at close range: the stylized stag's antlers made of water-jet-cut tile parts which could be integrated easily and precisely thanks to the self-explanatory laying plan.

View... Download... Image as 72dpi-RGB-JPG (758 Kb)

Motif 6 (Source: Agrob Buchtal GmbH)

The Quarzit series is versatile and therefore predestined as an architectural link. Here, the tiles were also used creatively for cladding the fireplace and the shelf. The colour white-grey lends the room the desired unpretentious naturalness.

View... Download... Image as 72dpi-RGB-JPG (490 Kb)

Motif 7 (Source: Agrob Buchtal GmbH)

The bathtub made of wood inevitably arouses associations with Cleopatra films due to the typical stylistic elements. It stands on tiles of Agrob Buchtal’s Quarzit series with R11/B slip resistance, so that the guests can get out after the bath without slipping.

View... Download... Image as 72dpi-RGB-JPG (954 Kb)

Motif 8 (Source: Agrob Buchtal GmbH)

The interior designer also decided in favour of the Quarzit series for the staircase (wall and steps). The manufacturer uses special process steps to create the strong character natural look and haptics, which can also be used to finely balance the various slip resistances.

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